Maintenance Request

Requests for repairs must generally be submitted in writing, only urgent repairs will be accepted by phone on (07) 3368 1654.  Non-urgent repair requests should be submitted on the form below.  Please provide as much detail as possible about what is wrong.

If the problem is an Emergency Repair as defined in your Tenancy Agreement please first telephone your Property Manager, if they do not answer it is important that you leave a detailed message on their voicemail.  After you have left a message, you can make direct contact with the Emergency Repairer listed in your sign-up pack.  The Emergency Repairers listed on the majority of our tenancy agreements are:

Plumber - McCrossan's Plumbing, mobile 0409 063 460 or

Plumber - Danny Impellizeri, mobile 0411 758 775.

Electrician - Mathew Smith, mobile 0412 683 202.

Before submitting your request, please refer to Maintenance & Repair Tips (from the tenant drop down menu).  It may help avoid the need to make a request at all, or help you to be clear about what is needed and hence speed up the process.

Click Here to download the Maintenance Request Form


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