Looking to Rent?

Not sure how to get started? If one of our Properties available for rent is of interest to you, please contact the office by email or phone to register your attendance at one of the advertised inspections. We will endeavour to meet your requirements for private appointments if at all possible. It is in our interest that you inspect the property quickly so that we can expedite your application.

The Tenancy Application Form can be downloaded via the link below. However please note the following:

  • We can only accept applications after you have inspected the property.
  • Applications must be accompanied by documentation for ID purposes (Photo ID such as Driver’s License, Passport or 18+ Card)
  • We require Proof of Current Residential Address (this may be a bill mailed to your address, your current lease or Rates Notice).
  • We require Proof of Income (letter of appointment, payslips, bank statement showing regular pay deposits)

You must read through the Sample General Tenancy Agreement prior to applying for a rental.

Once we receive your application, we will process it within 24-48 hours. We won’t keep you waiting. If there is a delay in our processing, we will contact you to explain. Sometimes we have trouble contacting your referees. Please ensure that we have numbers for them that will reach them during business hours. Sometimes we have trouble contacting our client for the final approval. We will keep you informed throughout the process if there are any delays.

If your application is NOT successful, you will be advised of that fact. No reasons will be given. It is our client who makes the final decision.

Properties for Rent

Click here to see a list of our properties currently available to rent.


Rental Applications

Click here to download a Tenancy Application Form

Click here to download a Pet Application Form

Click here to view sample General Tenancy Agreement


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